Making skills of sand table model

What are the skills of making sand table models?
First, check the number of models are complete, and the two is to determine the order of combinations. If some parts have been removed, they must be packed in boxes to avoid losing them. Then cut out the model parts. Cutting parts is important, especially for casual friends. The average person hopes to build the model as soon as possible, so it will be convenient for many people and twist the parts directly by hand. It must not be. Because this will make the surface of the parts appear concave convex or concave appear. So be sure to use scissors, and be careful when you cut it. You can’t cut it along the surface of the model, so it’s easy to cut off a big chunk. Cut it off 1 or 2mm of the surface. Then cut it with a paper knife. If you decide to paint it will be polished with sandpaper. Order is to use coarse sandpaper to close to the surface, then a young sandpaper to contact surface. If you don’t paint, do not use sandpaper grinding, so it is easy to grind the parts surface. Some parts are hard to cut with scissors, and they can be cut with nail clippers.
If your model is going to glue, you have to try a combination before you glue it, then apply the glue to one side and close the other. Also, pay attention to the order of the combination, because some of the parts need to be glued or colored first (e.g., up to eye parts). After the combination, you can color it. This is determined by your personal preference. You can completely paint, paint, or paint completely. For beginners, I suggest you try some color, skilled after school full color. The color is divided into hand-painted and airbrush paint. The specific method of coloring will be detailed in the intermediate production.
Because most of the model’s color is monotonous (as high as only red, yellow, blue, three colors), so to highlight the three-dimensional model, you must give the model concave black on the line, which is called line. There are many kinds of methods to draw the line also, Wan Dai company have a special line with the pen (available in the model shop larger), 0.5mm was a little rough, but more convenient, suitable for beginners. Use this pen on the line, and make sure that if it’s out of bounds, if you don’t color the model, you can erase the outside part when you’re wet (the best tool is finger, smile). If you have colored the model and draw out of bounds, use the oil to gently erase the out of bounds part. Another method is the wire penetration method. Paint is used to open the oil and water to dilute, the ratio is 1:3 (paint 1, open oil-water 3). Then use the finest brush with a little open paint point on the concave line, so that the paint slowly filled the concave line. When the oil is dry, then use the oil to wipe off the paint. It should be noted that the paint is divided into water-based and oily, and when you paint with water-based paint model, you need to use oil-based paint on-line. Because the oily water will not erase the water paint. Instead, paint with water paint on the line with oily paint. This is very important.

Post time: Feb-18-2019