Cell model production needs to pay attention to what principles?

The rapid development of the national economy, the city is all buildings stand, cell pieces. Follow the economic development, the living environment of residents gradually to the small forward. It also makes the company more architectural model making models at the same time, the need to take into account the residential environment coordination, fitness equipment and so on. Put the small the series and to explore together the community needs to pay attention to what the principle of model making.
The layout of the residential area, should be integrated into the structure of the road network, public buildings and residential relationship layout, group combination, green space system and space environment, to form a complete and relatively independent of the organic whole, and should follow the following principles:
1., to facilitate residents living, favorable organizational management;
2., organize public activities centers corresponding to the size of the living population, so as to facilitate the operation, use and social services;
3. reasonable organization flow of people, traffic, conducive to safety and defense;
4., reasonable layout, rich space, beautiful environment, reflecting local characteristics
Public service facilities in residential areas including education, health, culture and sports, business services, financial services, public utilities, municipal administration and other facilities shall be determined according to the relevant regulations. The public service facilities project indicators.
The residential area of green space should include public green spaces, green spaces adjacent to the house, supporting the construction of roads and their green green. Green rate of new construction should not be less than 30%; the transformation of old urban areas should not be lower than 25%. Road residential area can be divided into residential road, village Road, group road and house road between the four, the road planning the design shall be in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.
Residential areas are residents enjoy life, enjoy the warm moment, at the same time, we should take account of environmental facilities for the vast number of households, and hope that the above point of view can help you.

Post time: Feb-18-2019